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Outstanding Customer Service Award

Matthew Steger, owner of WIN Home Inspection in Lancaster, PA won WIN Home Inspection's "Outstanding Customer Service Award" on 29 January 2021. This was his 9th straight year winning the customer service award. READ MORE

Highest Customer Service Award (100%)

Matthew Steger, owner of WIN Home Inspection in Lancaster, PA won the "Highest Customer Service Award" for 2020 with a 100% customer satisfaction. This was his 8th straight year winning a customer service award. READ MORE

Why is a home inspection so important?

When buying a home, having a professional home inspection performed is a must. The inspector will look out for your best interests and can potentially save you considerable time and money. READ MORE

Clean your clothes dryer vent lately?

Homeowners rarely, if ever, clean their clothes dryer vents. This wastes energy/time & increases the risk of a house fire. As a home inspector, I run across dryer vent issues regularly. READ MORE

Autumn Home Maintenance

October and November are the months that autumn home maintenance should be done to help get your home ready for winter. Doing these things now will help prevent hassle and possible higher costs down the road. READ MORE

WIN Home Inspectors Have Training Beyond a Typical Home Inspection

Assessing the condition of a property is essential, but a WIN inspector has the necessary experience, knowledge and tools to perform an unbiased inspection and provide a fully comprehensive analysis. READ MORE

The Most Common Issues Found During a Home Buyer's Inspection

All of these issues are repairable and may not be a reason to stop the sale of a home. When in doubt, ask your inspector! READ MORE

Outstanding Customer Service Award winner - 7th straight year!

Happy New Year 2019

What to Do with Your Pets when Selling Your Home

It’s important to consider our furry friends during a move and the home-selling process. It can be just as stressful for them as it is for homeowners. READ MORE