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Client Testimonials

At WIN Home Inspection, we strive for customer service excellence.  Here is just a sampling of reviews that we've received on Google, Yelp, and Facebook from our clients in 2020:

"Matt and WIN Inspections were onsite to do my inspection within 3 days of asking for date. I would recommend WIN inspections to anyone needing a Honest and even better priced inspection." Jeremy H.

"Wonderful service! I used WIN for my inspection as a new home buyer. Good explanations, patient with questions and very thorough." Elora C.

"Matt was very professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend!" John E.

"Very thorough. Willing to explain in laymans terms any concerns and potential consequences. Feel completely comfortable that home inspection left nothing out and provided additional suggestions and safety tips. Was patient when I needed a repeat of the heating and air conditioning systems functionality." Amy B.

"Very professional and timely. Cost effective and great service. Presented all the details in an easy to read format. Thank you very much!" John S.

"The report was very clean an clear. We knew exactly what we needed to do." Graeme W.

"Save yourself the trouble of looking around and just get Matt to do your inspection. He knows what he is looking at and will get you all of the information you need to make an informed and intelligent decision." Brian W.

"Matthew was very detailed in his report and utilized modern technology such as the use of a drone to thoroughly inspect. The report was written very well and plenty of pictures were provided. Recommendations were provided to address any issues that came up. Matthew is an inspector that will find that needle in the haystack. Nice Job!" - Dan S.

"Fast, thorough, and communicated well, even during covid-19 restrictions." Chris G.

"Matt was great to work with! I wasn’t able to be present for the inspection but it was done and the report was given to me the same day! Highly recommend!" - Trina L.

"Working with Matthew was a amazing experience, he had inspected my home with great detail not leaving anything out no matter how small. Made it peaceful knowing everything in my new house was checked out." - Carter H.

"While I couldn’t be present for the inspection due to COVID-19, Matt was sure to keep me informed by calling me with an overview of his findings as well as providing a written report within hours of completing the inspection. Overall very pleased!" - Alexis K.

"Recently had Matthew from WIN here to perform a pre-listing inspection. He was on time and fast with the inspection. Matthew was exceptionally thorough and reviewed everything with me. He provided clear and simple instructions for corrections and improvements. Ultimately, I was thrilled with the download of information and learned more about home maintenance from his wealth of knowledge." - Ryan A.

"Great experience with Matt Steger at WIN Home Inspection in Lancaster. Prompt arrival (before I got there), in-depth inspection of the entire home using language I could understand. He was quite the professional. We received a detailed report promptly with lots of photos, maintenance recommendations to save me money, and even a free home warranty and free appliance recallchek to make sure my new major appliances were safe and not recalled for safety problems. I'd recommend Matt and WIN to anyone buying a home. Don't go with the cheapest inspector who your realtor recommends. Do you own research and choose wisely because you have to live with the potential consequences for years. I chose wisely!" - Rick L.

"Matt was very professional and paid Incredible attention to detail. The report was thorough and well put together." - Max N.

"Very willing to answer any and all of our questions! Very nice, knew what he was talking about, and explained in detail anything he found that wasn't up to par." - Kaitlyne G.

"Matt was there before our appointment and was incredibly thorough throughout the entire inspection. He was open with sharing information on what to do and also what not to do. Very easy to work with and got my report later on the same day." - Tim C.

"Matt was on time and prepared. He was thorough and professional. Spent time explaining what was going on and helped to make me aware of maintenance issues. Most of all I felt I could trust his report to guide me through the buying process. Highly recommended." - John F.

"Matt is a true professional in every sense of the word. His experience and knowledge can be priceless to someone looking to make a home purchase. I am a Real Estate Professional, and recommend him to my clients, but also used him to inspect my family's future home and had no hesitation in doing so." - Bryan E.

"Matt does a through inspection. He is very knowledgeable in the trade. He lets you know what issues there are and the best ways to get them fixed. I would highly recommend Matt." - Alex N.

"We appreciate Matt's expertise and knowledge in the field. We trust his work and would use him again in the future!" Lincoln H.

"Great job! Very thorough! Very friendly! I would definitely recommend!" - Cole G.

"Highly professional and thorough. Learned a lot about the house I'm buying and it was well worth the $" - Josh S.

"I used WIN’s services two times while looking to purchase my first home. Matt helped identify serious issues with the first property and the knowledge he shared helped me make the informed decision not to move forward with that property. I know that he helped save me thousands of dollars and hours of anxiety on that home. With his help on the next property, I felt comfortable making the choice to purchase the home! Both times, Matt’s expertise and extensive knowledge impressed me and his willingness to answer questions and help teach me about the homes was immensely helpful. I truly feel that the information he gave me will help me be a smart homeowner and I am grateful for his services!" - Drea M.

"Matthew was all business and completely professional. We were able to schedule him exactly when we wanted and he was at the house waiting on us the day of our home inspection." - Tina B.

"This is my 2nd time using WIN and I have had a great experience each time. Very thorough and quick with the inspection report. Cost was also competitive." - Alex B.

"I was VERY impressed with the professional all around of Matthew. He saved me Great expense with his thoroughness. Every little item was examined. I will use him again and fully recommend him to all." Charles B.

"Matt is very thorough and easy to work with. Matt's scope of knowledge is impressive and he answered all of my questions in a very comprehensive way, so that a person with zero handyman know-how can easily understand. I strongly recommend hiring Matt Steger as your home inspector. I am certain there is no one out there who does a more thorough job." - Andrew L.

"I have nothing but good things to say about Matt at WIN home inspection He was incredibly thorough, explained everything he saw, answered any and all questions, and was very professional/personable. I would recommend Matt to anyone!" - Angelica A.

"Matt is the consummate professional. He knows his stuff and is very thorough. We've used him for three home inspections and have been very satisfied every time." - Lexi H.

"Matt was extremely thorough, incredibly knowledgeable and took time to explain his findings. Would strongly recommend him for your home inspection needs" - Ann B.

"Matthew at WIN was recommended to us during our home buying process by our realtor. I was on site when Matthew was out to do the inspection, and he went above and beyond my expectations. He checked everything methodically, and was happy to explain what all he was doing while completing the inspection. The final report was very detailed and organized." - Josh L.

Matthew Steger, owner/inspector of WIN Home Inspection in Lancaster, PA, is an ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI), a Certified Level 1 Infrared Thermographer, and an electrical engineer. He can be reached at: 717-361-9467 or msteger@wini.com.

WIN Home Inspection has provided home inspection services in Lancaster, PA and surrounding areas since 2002.