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WIN Home Inspection Elizabethtown provides a wide range of home inspection services in Lancaster, PA and the surrounding areas. Each of the below articles was authored by Matthew Steger, ACI - owner of WIN Home Inspection Elizabethtown (Lancaster, PA). No article, or portion thereof, may be reproduced, reprinted, or copied without prior written consent of Matthew Steger.

Arcing: An Electrical Shock or Fire Hazard
Attic Insulation
Attic Ventilation - What all homeowners should know
Autumn Maintenance Tips
Carbon Monoxide: The Silent Killer
Checklist of Seller Tips
Chimney and Fireplace Maintenance
Christmas Lighting Safety Tips
Clothes Dryer Vents: The Proper and the Improper
Common Guard Railing Flaws
CSST Gas Pipe Bonding
The Dangers Of Aluminum Wiring
Deck Inspections
Electrical Inspections of Older Homes
Energy Audits
Energy Saving Air Conditioning Tips
Energy Saving Heating Tips
Flat Roofs
Foundation Cracks
Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) Breaker Panels
Fuel Tank Safety
Garage Door Inspections
Garage Firewalls
Garage Pulldown Ladders - The Hidden Hazard
Getting Your Home Ready For A Home Inspection
Got Mold?
Heating Energy Cost Comparisons
Heat Pump Systems
Home Inspector Ethics
Home Inspector Code of Ethics and PA Act 114
Improper Notching and Boring Joists
Infrared (IR) Thermography
Inspecting Heating Equipment
Keeping Insects Out Of Your Home
Knob And Tube Wiring
Lead In Drinking Water
Life Expectancy of MaJor Home Systems
Missing Stove Anti-Tip Brackets
Mold Types and Terminology
New Agent Home Inspection Primer
PA Powerswitch Program Can Save You Money Monthly
Permanent vs. Temporary Support Posts
Polybutylene (PB) Plumbing
Pool Safety
Plumbing Materials
Pre-Listing "Ready For Purchase" Seller Home Inspections
Preventing A Wet Basement
Preventive Home Maintenance Inspections
Radon: Hazard or Hype?
Radon in Water
PA DEP Radon Testing Protocols
Saving Energy and Lowering Your Utility Costs
Should The Client Attend The Home Inspection?
Smoke Detectors: What You Should Know
Spring Maintenance Tips
Sump Pumps
Supply Plumbing in Older Homes
Tankless Water Heaters
Top 10 Home Inspection Myths
Top 10 Most Common Electrical Issues