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WIN Home Inspection Elizabethtown provides a wide range of home inspection services in Lancaster, PA and the surrounding areas. Each of the below articles was authored by Matthew Steger, ACI - owner of WIN Home Inspection Elizabethtown (Lancaster, PA). No article, or portion thereof, may be reproduced, reprinted, or copied without prior written consent of Matthew Steger.

Sewer Line Inspections
Should The Client Attend The Home Inspection?
Smoke Detectors: What You Should Know
Spring Maintenance Tips
Sump Pumps - What every home owner should know
Supply Plumbing in Older Homes
Tankless Water Heaters
Top 10 Home Inspection Myths
Top 10 Most Common Electrical Issues
Top 10 Most Common Plumbing Issues
Top 10 Sellers Tips For A Smooth Buyer's Home Inspection
Water Heater Temperature & Pressure Relief Valves
Water Quality Testing
Wood Destroying Inspects (WDIs)
Zinsco Breaker Panels - The Often Overlooked Hazard
Zoned Heating