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WIN Home Inspection provides a wide range of home inspection services in Lancaster, PA and surrounding areas of south central Pennsylvania. The below videos are the property of and were written/produced by Matthew Steger, ACI - owner of WIN Home Inspection (Lancaster, PA). No video, or portion thereof, may be reproduced, displayed on a different website, or copied without prior written consent of Matthew Steger.

Home Maintenance and Safety -

1. GFCIs - What are Ground Fault Circuit Interruptors (GFCIs) and where should they be installed in your home?

2. Smoke Detectors - Where smoke detectors should be installed and how often they should be replaced.

3. Garage Firewalls - Learn about garage firewalls (fire-separation) and how they can help slow a fire or carbon monoxide spread into a home.

4. Deck Inspections - Many older decks are built unsafely and most decks are not regularly inspected.

5. Why do RealtorsĀ® continue to refer WIN Home Inspection To Their Clients?

6. Why hire WIN Home Inspection? Photo montage of various home inspection issues.

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Matthew Steger, owner/inspector of WIN Home Inspection in Lancaster, PA, is an ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI), a Certified Level 1 Infrared Thermographer, and an electrical engineer. He can be reached at: 717-361-9467 or msteger@wini.com.

WIN Home Inspection has provided home inspection services in Lancaster, PA and surrounding areas since 2002.