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Free Home Warranty/Free Appliance RecallChek

As a free service to our full inspection home buyer clients, WIN Home Inspection in Lancaster, PA offers a free limited structural/mechanical home warranty and a free appliance RecallChek® report. This is yet another way that WIN sets itself apart from other inspection companies. Note - These free warranty programs are valid only on single-family buyer homes (not valid on multi-unit, rental or commercial properties).

90 Day Structural & Mechanical Warranty

The Free 90 Day Structural and Mechanical Warranty is provided to our buyer clients at no cost and there is no deductible paid should a claim be needed. The free home warranty begins the day the home inspection is performed and continues for 90 days or 22 days past closing, whichever is longer. Should a repair be needed, this warranty allows the client to choose the repairman of their choice at no cost and there is no deductible.

The free home warranty's coverage includes most central heating and air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, and structural components as well as built-in kitchen appliances, gas lines, roof leaks, water heaters, and more. Some limitations do apply. Only major appliances that are inspected and found to be functional at the time of the home inspection are covered under this warranty.

  Use this link to validate your 90 day home warranty.


The appliance RecallChek® is FREE on all of our complete home inspections for our home buyer clients. RecallChek® has compiled a database of over 195 million recalls from public records, to create a fail-safe system to check for potentially dangerous flaws with home appliances. If a manufacturer designs or produces a dangerous product, they MUST issue a recall and repair the product free of charge.

Historically, 1 out of 10 appliances is subject to a manufacturer’s recall for either a fire, electrical shock, or another serious safety hazard. RecallChek® provides up-to-date important information to appliance owners that can save lives. RecallChek® also sends updated Recalltrak® reports on a monthly basis to the home owner in case future recalls are issued.

Many potential safety hazards exist due to manufacturer recalls on appliances, but how do you know if the home you are purchasing has any unsafe recalled appliances? You’ll receive your free RecallChek® report within 48 hours of your home inspection. Click the RecallChek® logo above to find out more about how RecallChek® works and watch the short video below.

Since most consumers don't send in their registration cards when they buy a new appliance, manufacturers would have no way of knowing who bought or owns a recalled appliance. That is where RecallChek® comes in. Keep in mind that only appliances who's model and serial numbers that we can fully read can be included in your RecallChek® report. Should access to a previously inaccessible model/serial number later become accessible, you can add that appliance to your RecallChek® report later. Also, future appliances that our client purchases can also be added to their RecallChek® account for free for future recall notifications.

Important Note: The Free Structural/Mechanical Home Warranty and Free Appliance RecallChek® are provided by a third party company.  The decision of the warranty provider to honor a warranty claim is the home warranty provider's alone.  WIN Home Inspection assumes or accepts no liability or responsibility by providing the free warranties and/or RecallChek® to our clients. For more information about the free warranties and free RecallChek®, please contact us.

Matthew Steger, owner/inspector of WIN Home Inspection, is an ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI), a Certified Level 1 Infrared Thermographer, a PA DEP licensed radon tester, a US Dept. of Energy Home Energy Score Assessor, and an electrical engineer. He can be reached at: 717-361-9467 or msteger@wini.com. WIN Home Inspection has provided a wide array of home inspection services in Lancaster, PA and surrounding areas since 2002.