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Home Energy Score (HES)

WIN Home Inspection offers the Home Energy Score (HES). The Home Energy Score (HES) was developed by the U.S. Department of Energy in 2012 and is a tool to learn how energy efficient your home is and provides recommendations (based upon your exact home) on how to improve your home's energy efficiency. Improving your home's energy efficiency equates to lower energy bills and increased interior comfort. Nearly all homes have room for improvement and the HES report can show you how to improve.

We will evaluate your home's systems (such as the installed insulation, heating/cooling equipment, water heater, windows, overall size, etc.) and, using the Dept. of Energy's special proprietary HES software, we provide you with your Home Energy Score report.  The Home Energy Score is shown on a simple 1-to-10 scale, with a 10 given to the most efficient homes. Your 'current score' shows your home's current rating whereas the 'score with improvements' indicates what your home's score would be if you follow all of the report's recommendations. 

Benefits of the Home Energy Score:
• Quicker and less expensive than a full energy audit
• Allows homeowners to learn about home energy performance and receive improvement recommendations including associated costs and savings benefits
• Allows homebuyers to compare a home’s energy performance before investing
• Scores homes throughout the U.S. on nationally comparable 'apples-to-apples' scale. The Scoring Tool accounts for the local climate when calculating the ranking by using local weather station data determined by the home’s zip code

The Home Energy Score Is:
1. A standardized method for a quick yet reliable home assessment
2. An assessment of a home’s building envelope and major energy systems
3. An accurate comparison between homes, regardless of location in the U.S.

The Home Energy Score is not a replacement for a comprehensive energy audit which takes more time and costs more money.

Overview of the Home Energy Score: http://betterbuildingssolutioncenter.energy.gov/home-energy-score/home-energy-score-about-score

The Home Energy Score report also provides recommendations on where improvements would be most cost effective and provides an approximate cost savings per year if the recommendations are followed. The Home Energy Score calculates “Estimated annual savings” so you have an idea how your utility bills would drop if the recommendations provided are implemented. The savings amount is calculated using state average utility rates.

See a sample Home Energy Score (HES) report by clicking on the graphic below:

Matthew Steger, owner/inspector of WIN Home Inspection, is an ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI), a Certified Level 1 Infrared Thermographer, an electrical engineer, a PA DEP licensed radon tester, and a US Dept. of Energy Home Energy Score Assessor. He is fully PA Act 114 compliant. He can be reached at: 717-361-9467 or msteger@wini.com. WIN Home Inspection has provided a wide array of home inspection services in the Lancaster, PA area since 2002.