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Mold Testing

Mold is a natural part of our environment and all homes have mold. Humans and animals could not survive without mold. Mold can become an issue, however, when high spore counts or specific types of molds are found inside a home. That is where we come in. Certain types of mold can make people sick. People can acquire an allergy to mold simply due to exposure, even if they previously had no known allergies.  

Have questions about mold testing? Give us a call at 717.361.9467 for more information or to schedule your mold testing appointment.

Our inspectors are ESA and InspectorLab trained and properly insured to perform mold testing. Air and/or swab samples can be taken to determine if a specific home or structure has potential mold issues (even if no mold is visible) or simply help confirm when a client wants a clean bill of health for their new home.

Air sampling can be done to determine the mold type(s) and spore counts in the home's air. Swab sampling can be performed to determine the type(s) of mold found at a specific sampling area where suspected mold is visible, such as on a wall or ceiling, such as in a basement. Once you know spore type(s) and spore counts, you can determine whether further action is warranted.

Quick turn-around time is provided by a qualified lab to ensure timely yet accurate reporting.

Even areas of mold that appear to be insignificant should be tested as biggest mold issues may be hidden behind wall surfaces, for example.

Note - WIN Home Inspection also offers Infrared Thermography. So, by having an Infrared Thermography scan and Mold Testing performed, we can better help determine if your new home has potential issues with water infiltration that have possibly lead to mold.

We also provide a Mold Safe Guarantee! This is a guarantee of the accuracy of the mold testing lab analysis results.

For a good reference for various types of molds and terms used in the mold field, visit Mold Types And Terminology

Note - To prevent a potential conflict of interest, WIN Home Inspection does not perform mold removal/remediation/cleanup services, we only perform mold testing. Should your mold lab report indicate that a mold issue or potential mold issue exists in your home, the services of a qualified mold removal/remediation professional or industrial hygienist would be warranted.

Matthew Steger, owner/inspector of WIN Home Inspection, is an ASHI Certified Inspector (ACI), a Certified Level 1 Infrared Thermographer, an electrical engineer, a PA Dept. of Ag. licensed pesticide applicator/WDI inspector, and a PA DEP licensed radon tester. He is fully PA Act 114 compliant. He can be reached at: 717-361-9467 or msteger@wini.com. WIN Home Inspection has provided a wide array of home inspection services in the Lancaster, PA area since 2002.