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SewerScan Inspection

WIN Home Inspection's SewerScan inspection (also called a "Sewer Scope" or simply a "sewer line inspection") evaluates the condition of the underground sewer line between your home and the public sewer connection or septic tank. Sewer lines are an out-of-sight, out-of-mind thing for most homeowners and they never give a thought about sewer line clogs until a backup occurs. We can scan the inside of your sewer line and help determine ahead of time if potential issues exist.

Homeowners often wrongly assume that, if they are connected to public sewer, that the utility is responsible for the underground drain pipe that serves their home. This is not true. The homeowner is responsible for the drain piping within their home as well as the sewer pipe underground to the point where it connects to the utility's main sewer pipe under the street. Even the portion of the sewer pipe under the street that is beyond your property line is the homeowner's responsibility.

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What can a SewerScan inspection find?

Tree roots are always looking for water and they sometimes find their way into sewer lines, such as at pipe joints. Even if there is no tree currently in your yard, a prior tree may have been removed. When trees are removed, their root system remains in the ground (even if the stump is removed) and the roots will continue to search for water. They can detect and will try to access the water within the sewer pipe such as at pipe seams or at pipe breaks. 



Sunken areas leading to broken or disconnected sewer pipes can occur for various reasons such as ground settlement and vehicle traffic. Breakages can lead to low spots where sewage will leak into the ground, not properly drain into the street sewer pipe and provide entry points for tree roots to enter. Sometimes, sewer pipes are repaired yet the repair and the original pipe don't properly line up causing openings for leakage or root entry.

Finding these sewer line issues now is important since prolonged damage can lead to sewer backup into your home which can damage your belongings, furniture, appliances, cause mold and possibly do structural damage. Plus, when buying a home, having the sewer line inspected as part of your home inspection allows you to negotiate the needed sewer line repairs with the seller. The starting price to break ground to repair or evaluate underground sewer line damage generally starts at $2,000 and goes up quickly from there. Why chance an expensive sewer line repair down the road? Call on WIN Home Inspection for our SewerScan service.

Our sewer camera is snaked through your underground sewer line either from an interior or exterior sewer cleanout port. The process is video recorded to document the condition of the underground sewer pipe. The approximate location in the yard where a sewer line issue exists can often be pinpointed using our sewer camera's measuring device.

Learn more about sewer line inspections by reading this article: https://elizabethtown.wini.com/resources/tech-articles/sewer_line_inspections/

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